24/7 provides all types of window washing services and exterior maintenance exclusively for our clients under contract. We handle the entire job including a customized window cleaning plan and budget with optimal frequencies, scheduling, permits and supervision. We handle all the access arrangements. This is especially important with interior work, usually performed off-hours to prevent tenant disruption. All of our work is performed by trained professionals, utilizing state of the art technologies, under the strictest safety standards.

In addition to just cleaning glass we also provide the following services:

  • Hard water deposit removal
  • Inspection and repair of frames and gaskets
  • Cleaning, sealing panling and damage restoration of all types of window wall systems
  • Cleaning and repair of skylights, ceilings and hard to access architectural features
  • Distortion-free etching and graffiti removal, including mirrors, at a cost far less than replacement.
  • Film applications, with and without tint, to reduce energy
  • Vandal guard coatings for street level glass and doors
  • Signage cleaning and restoration.

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